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Parallel Heiko’s Parachain Crowdloan: Everything You Need to Know


  • Heiko’s crowdloan campaign will be one month and its parachain lease will be one year.
  • Contributors will be rewarded with Heiko tokens (HKO) and as high as 5% of the HKO total supply will be distributed (2.5% for current crowdloan and 2.5% for future crowdloan)
  • Click here for the crowdloan participation guide.
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Parallel Heiko’s Kusama Parachain Auction

How to Prepare

How to Participate

Check out this brief guide on how to use the Polkadot.{js} crowdloan module to contribute to Parallel’s crowdloan.

Parallel Heiko Token Distribution

Reward Rate = total HKO rewards / total KSM contribution


HKO’s Utilities

  • HKO is a native fee token that is required to execute the functionalities and security of the protocol.
  • The native token is utilized to incentivize collators and validators, which is the mechanism that powers the decentralized node infrastructure of the network.
  • HKO token is utilized to hedge risks, incentivize rewards, and share profits. The insurance parameters are determined by HKO token governance in the event of a slash.
  • HKO will be burned whenever a fee is paid on our platform. These fees include money market fees, staking/unstaking fees, transaction fees, and any fees in our future fixed-rate products as well.
  • HKO will be added as an incentive for users to stake, lend, and borrow on Heiko.
  • Validators will have incentives to hold HKO in order to be whitelisted in our node evaluation schema/algorithm. The more HKO they hold, the better their chances will be of being nominated by our stakers.

Parallel Heiko’s Markets

Leverage Staking

Auction Lending

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