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The second in the recurring series of Innovation in Polkadot DeFi events occurred on September 15th, 2021, with a panel of the most well-known and up-and-coming names in attendance. …

Heiko token distribution, Parallel Heiko crowdloan, Kusama parachain auction
Parallel Heiko Crowdloan


  • We updated our token allocations and increased rewards to our crowdloan contributors to 5%. …

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  • Heiko’s crowdloan campaign will be one month and its parachain lease will be one year.
  • Contributors will be rewarded with Heiko tokens (HKO) and as high as 5% of the HKO total supply will be…

Kusama logo, with Parallel Finance logo

Kusama announced the second batch of the next parachain auctions and the dates are drawing near. The sixth parachain slot auction is targeted to start on September 1, 2021, 12pm GMT. Kusama allows parachains to source tokens for their parachain bids through a crowdloan. This funding mechanism enables KSM holders…

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Parallel is pleased to announce it has been accepted into the DeFi Alliance Accelerator program!

DeFi alliance has incubated some of the top DeFi projects in the industry. Projects like Synthetix, DYDX, Ribbon, Acala, Loopring, and the list goes on. …

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As part of Polkadot’s extended preparation for launch, they have prepared archival descriptions of the different components of Polkadot in their Polkadot Wiki. While this information is very helpful for users who already know what they’re looking for, some of users don’t know where to start. Many users, like this…

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In general, to be liquidated means to have some or all of your debt sold off or transferred to a third party liquidator at a discount to the third party liquidator, and a penalty to the borrower. Liquidations function differently on different types of platforms, but in general, the purpose…

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Polkadot’s value proposition is simple: low transaction fees and interoperability. Interoperability gives the Polkadot ecosystem a very wide range of blockchain services to offer. In general, blockchains can be used for many different applications like social apps, gaming, data storage, banking, medical records, and of course decentralized finance (or DeFi

Parallel Finance

Decentralized lending, staking, and borrowing built on the Polkadot Ecosystem.

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