The Perfect Balance: How Parallel Combines Lending and Staking

Parallel is built to scale a variety of different dilemmas in DeFi markets, like the dilemma between staking and lending in the case of margin staking, and the dilemma between lending and voting in the case of parachain auction lending. More generally, this translates to the idea of eliminating opportunity costs for the user, which may scale a variety of different markets. The collection of these things makes it difficult to compare Parallel to other projects, because Parallel would more aptly compare itself to unlike things. That said, recognizing the unstructured or under-structured gaps in the market can give users an idea of what might have been the rationale behind launching Parallel in the first place.

Margin Staking

Native Blockchain

Dynamic AMM



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Decentralized lending, staking, and borrowing built on the Polkadot Ecosystem.